Fresh and SASSY Green Smoothie: Spinach, Jalapeno, Honeydew, Lime and Cucumber
  1. Here is a trick I learned from Simple Green Smoothies: start building your blender with the greens on the bottom!
  2. My blender is a thing of greatness. I know that not all blenders are created equal though, so here is another tip I picked up from SGS: blend the greens and the liquid first and then add all other ingredients and blend again – this will help you have a “Smooth” Smoothie.
  3. With this smoothie I like to add a tiny pinch of really flaky sea salt to the top. I think it really pops the lime. This is optional.
  4. YUM! You can see the tiny sea salt flakes on the top of my smoothie.
  5. This recipe will make two servings. Share, or save the second serving to drink tomorrow!